Best Kamikoto Knives Review - Is the Knife Worth It?

Best Kamikoto Knives Review – Is the Knife Worth It?

The basic function of a knife is cutting; which all knives do. But if you an experienced chef or cook, you need more than a basic knife.

Do you know that even vegetables or food sliced into uniform shapes look extra appealing? You can’t do that with a dull knife. Or if you do, you will have to put more pressure on the blade, hence increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring.

To make accurate cuts in a shorter time you need a dependable knife. I mean a blade that helps you go over food preparation with ease.

And that’s where Kamikoto knives thrive; easy cutting, slicing and dependable. If you mostly spend your time in the kitchen, then you understand why a trusted knife is vital.

This review aims at helping you know what makes a Kamikoto knife and highlighting our top recommendations.

What are Kamikoto knives?

Kamikoto is a Japanese company that specializes in designing cutlery. Kamikoto knives are handcrafted in Japan, and china but feature Japanese style. The blades are designed with Japanese premium steel imported from the Niigata region.

Having gathered over 500 years in knife making, the blacksmiths in Niigata know what makes a good knife. Many people have taken to Kmikoto knives. Here are four reasons why;

  1. Uses high-quality steel from Japan
  2. Features thin blades thus ideal for Japanese cuisine
  3. Maintains its sharpness for a longer period
  4. Nicely curved to provide good grip

Are Kamikoto knives worth it?

Yes, they are; but it depends on your needs and budget. But the truth is Kamikoto knives make an impressive display. The knives blend so well with their stands. When you arrange them on your kitchen table or before guests, they present the commanding view.

To upgrade your kitchen look to reflect the stately look, these knives have the charm. Besides, owing to their high price most people will be impressed by the asset you stock in your kitchen.

Kamikoto is a reputable company in making high-end knives. Their expertise in the field has never been doubted.

Then why are some people skeptical by these knives regarding quality?

The answer is straight; few counterfeit companies have infiltrated the market with fake Kamikoto knives. A genuine Kamikoto knife excels in both quality and price.

Why are Kamikoto knives so expensive?

These pieces of kitchen equipment play a double role; they have the appealing look and they perform their cutting duty with ease. For that reason, many people have reached out to them in leading stores and online retails. Thus even outstanding chefs and hotels use them. For that reason, many people hold them with high esteem; making their prices higher and higher.

Most of these knives feature ultra-thin blade, single beveled and are razor sharp too. In addition, their curved design adds the appeal to their overall look. Very few knives can outshine their performance in the following duties;

  • Slicing vegetables
  • Skinning seafood
  • Slicing meat
  • Deboning

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Top 5 Kamikoto Knife Reviews

1. Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

Do you always struggle to make a cut with your knife? If your blade lets you down when you are in a haste to prepare food for your guest, then think again. If even after sharpening your knife you can’t make precise cuts, then it’s time to reinvest in another knife. You need a reliable blade that you can count on at any time to do any kitchen work like the Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set.

The Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set in total adds-up to three knives. That is the vegetable knife of 7 inches, 8.5-inch slicing knife, and the 5-inch utility knife. All three are made from premium quality Japanese steel. The steel quality employed in their design is corrosion proof. That makes them easy to clean and long-lasting.

When compared to other Japanese knives the Kanpeki set has more weight, weighs 3.97lbs. Instead of compromising their performance, the knives are precisely balanced, weighted to support optimum performance. They can thus chop and slice through food with ease.

When you look at them, they present an attractive sight; thanks to the satin finishing given to the blade and handle. In addition, the reserved lines plus the black handle blends with the satin finishing, thus adding aesthetic value to their appearance.

And when you position the knives in the provided wooden display box, very few guests would stand the temptation of not casting an admiring look. Do you know why? The brand name, shiny surface and the stand altogether make an authentic show. Alternatively, you can also position them on a magnetic holder; if you can invest in one.

Right from the package, all the three knives have been pre-sharpened. However, you can further sharpen the vegetable knife to feel razor-sharp. That shouldn’t be easy especially if you can lay your hands on a whetstone.

With the three blades, you reap the versatility of cutting anything in the kitchen. Like the distinguishing mark of Kamikoto knives, they feature single beveled blades.


  • Well designed using rustproof carbon steel material
  • Slender blades for precise cuts
  • Presents a remarkable look before guests
  • Holds and edge well
  • Its wooden box helps in the careful preservation of the blades
  • Backed up by a lifetime warranty


  • Only favors the right-hand users
  • Its price might scare the budget-conscious group


Considering that we are talking about three knives that provide versatility in cutting with precision. This Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set is worth the investment, in my opinion. Even though it favors only right-handed people, but they are the majority, aren’t they? You see it’s still worth looking into the blades.

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2. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver

Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver

From food preparation to actual cooking, one’s skills are highly tested. No wonder being a good chef is an art. So are you lacking the skills on how to split bones, cut hard meat into pieces, or crush spices? Believe me, most homemakers do. You know why; they like the special tool like the Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver.

Its overall design, shape, and weight adapt it to chopping work. It comes from the package as a single knife, unlike the Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set. With its 7.5-inch cutting blade, it’s sizeable enough for moderate work. Like a true Kamikoto knife, it’s made from the Honshu Japanese corrosion resistant steel.

As a cleaver knife, it has a heavyweight of almost 5lbs and a steel blade. Therefore it can accomplish multiple duties like chopping, slicing mincing and crushing. In addition, it cuts with power and precision. The day to day kitchen work of cutting vegetables and meat is no match for it.

Its design boasts handcrafted quality. Moreover having it has passed rigorous testing to qualify as a Kamikoto knife. In other words, it’s the blade that promises to last you a lifetime of use. You won’t have to buy a knife on a monthly basis.

Even though it feels slightly heavy, it presents a balanced weight. Consequently, it can handle regular kitchen work with ease.

How much would you spend on buying a dedicated knife for each of the functions performed by the Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver? With this knife, you won’t have to fear the food preparation task! Most previous users agree that it can handle all the food preparation work.

When you hold it in your hands, the handle feels very secure and won’t slip easily out of your hands. That gives you confidence in cutting food.

And when not in use, you simply keep it in the wood ash-colored storage box. That not only makes it safe but keeps the blade efficient.


  • Features the ergonomic handle
  • It’s a high-end cleaver
  • One knife that can handle any food preparation task
  • Backed up by a lifetime guarantee


  • Unfortunately, it’s not dishwasher safe


Why buy several pieces of knives for each food preparation work when one blade can handle it all; Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver? Besides the cost, selecting each for its dedicated task would be confusing not to mention the space they would eat up in your kitchen.

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3. Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife

A chef’s knife must be razor-sharp and dependable to perform every time. Therefore if you are looking for the best single knife to simplify your kitchen preparation work, the Kamikoto 7 inch chef knife is a worthwhile choice.
It’s presented from the package as a single bevel blade. The steel material used in its construction is the top quality steel from Honshu, Japan. As a result, it’s the knife that won’t corrode easily.

Unlike most knives that are sharpened on either side, the Kamikoto 7-inch Santoku Chef Knife has been sharpened on one side. Added to its extra sharp blade, you can thus deliver extra thin cuts without a struggle. Moreover, that discourages vegetables from sticking on the blade.

The 7inch kata-ha blade boasts durability and flexibility. Furthermore, it comes from its package pre profiled to be razor-sharp. Thus it’s the balder that will help you slice vegetables or meat with unparalleled ease. Having undergone demanding testing it thus delivers the performances of a Kamikoto knife. During the testing, only the blades that meet the standard requirement are let through to the market.

The entire knife weighs only 2.45 lbs. That means it won’t tire your muscles even when you use it for an extended period. It’s the best companion as you go through those outdoor bbq moments. You won’t have to struggle to slice through your roast.

Both its handle and blade have been awarded the satin finishing. Thus it feels subtle but presents the lustrous look. Its handle features an exact size thus protects your hand from knocking down on the cutting surface. In addition, the handle employs non-slip treatment. It, therefore, holds securely well even in wet hands.

When not in use, the chef knife is locked safely in its natural ash-colored wood box. The black background of the storage box exaggerates the shininess of the blade. It, therefore, gives high aesthetic value to the knife.


  • Balanced and lightweight in the hands
  • Does not corrode
  • Pre-sharpened
  • Adapted to making extra thin slices of vegetables
  • Makes an impressive display
  • Has the stylish wood storage box


  • Ideal for right-hand users
  • Doesn’t come with a whetstone for occasional sharpening


Owing to the lightweight, razor-sharp quality and the single beveled of this blade it outshines in performance. Specifically, it’s ideal for chopping or making thin slices of tomatoes, potatoes or vegetables. It’s the knife that you can use for an extended duration without feeling the effect of its weight on your muscles.

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4. Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand

Kamikoto - Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand

Think of the difficulty of cutting a large pumpkin or watermelon with a short knife! Slicing through such large fruits and vegetables requires a long sharp and balanced knife. Like the kind offered by the Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set.

The Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set consists of a 10-inch chef knife and a 5.5-inch utility knife. Because of its length, the chef knife makes cutting through large fruits a walkover. Furthermore, its blade features the top quality Japanese steel. The blade promises to last longer since it doesn’t corrode.

In addition to having extended length, the Senshi dual knife set also features more weight. The pair weighs 6.2lbs. That further adds to the efficiency of the set in chopping fruits with ease. But even while it performs such tasks, you won’t have to worry about the blade failing you. The duo has undergone through trial and testing to ensure that only the finest quality Kamikoto knives sees the market.

To further support their quality, the pair of knives have been hand made. From the handle to the blade, the equipment is precisely balanced and weighted. That makes it highly durable. With its single bevel blade, it supports accurate cuts when needed.

The pair also balances beautifully on the wooden stand. Its black handle, the shiny blade contrasts beautifully to the wooden stand. When you place such an arrangement before your guests, it presents an arresting scene. To complete the decor of your kitchen, you can’t afford to miss these pair of knives.

Its handle is strongly joined to the blade thus doesn’t squeak. In addition, it also provides a good grip during operation. And once you are through with your kitchen work, the package gives you a storage box for your blades.


  • Cuts through large diameters with ease
  • Balanced and weighted
  • Has corrosion proofing
  • Presents the spectacular view


  • Attracts a high price tag


For the 10-inch long blade diameter, and its weight, this knife has what it take to pumpkin, watermelons and eggplant. When you match it with the 5.5-inch long knife, all your food preparation work is a breeze. Even though it cost slightly higher, it’s the blade that will last you a lifetime. Moreover, it provides you with a lifetime guarantee. Isn’t that comforting?

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5. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

How frequently do you de-bone poultry? And do you have the perfect knife for the practice? Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set does that perfectly. Separating bones from the flesh out of poultry has never been much easier with this knife.

Here is why it’s gifted for such a practice.

The set presents you with a pair of Kamikoto knives. The boning knife has a cutting blade of 6 and half inches. On the other hand, the Kiritsuke knife measures 9.5 inches long. In contrast to the ordinary knives, the duo features fine steel mined from Honshu.

Matched with a single beveled kata-ha blade, its design mimics the Japanese fine craftsmanship. Just like all other Kamikoto knives, the Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set is rustproof, for extra-long life.

If you need the versatile knives to match your skills, then try this duo. From deboning poultry, slicing fish, and filleting it performs a wide range of tasks. Although the pair weighs 5lbs, they have been weighted and balanced to support optimum performance.

The deboning knife features the reverse tanto tip. That becomes usual when you want to pierce through poultry breast for example. Matched with a single bevel blade, the thin light knives make slicing work in the kitchen fun.

But that’s not all; the blades come out of the package sharpened already. So you won’t have to waste time in profiling them with a whetstone; at least not for the start. And when you hold it by the non-slip handle, you can carry out filleting work without any fear of accident.

To prevent their blades from growing dull easily, Kamikoto provides you with a storage box. The finely crafted ash-colored wood will never look odd in your kitchen wardrobe.


  • Reverse tanto tip makes piercing through very simple
  • Provides the finely crafted storage box
  • Offers a balanced grip
  • Employs the high-grade steel thus durable


  • The set is relatively heaver


To discourage accidents in the kitchen you need to use the right tool for the right job. The Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set makes the right choice for piercing filleting and deboning. Although it’s relatively heavier, that trades for its durability.

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How to Choose the Best Kamikoto Knife

With all the different sets of Japanese knives out there in the market, how do you go about your selection? What makes the best Kamikoto knife for one chef may not be the same for the next chef. So it varies from one individual to the next.

To help you out in your selection, here is what you must know;

What type of blade do you need in your kitchen?

Knives exist in an array of blade types. Knowing what each type means will help you identify with one that fits your kitchen work. Although there are of many types, here are the major four that you shouldn’t miss knowing;

Chef’s knife

This blade can also be termed as a santoku blade. Usually, it ranges from 7 to 10 inches in length. In simple terms, it’s a general-purpose blade that you will use most regularly. The chef knife has versatile use.

Serrated utility knife

In terms of physical size, it’s smaller than the usual bread knife. This knife is ideal for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Boning knife

A boning knife, like its name suggests, is dedicated to detaching flesh from the bones.

Paring knife

A paring knife is designed to handle tricky duties. For example, it makes the perfect choice for peeling fruits, slicing soft fruits and mushrooms. Besides, they are also very easy to handle and extra sharp.

What’s the blade material featured in the knife?

The material used in making the knife will determine its strength and rustproofing. The best material to go for is steel. The reason is twofold; it neither rusts nor becomes dull easily.

Although all knives eventually grow dull, some can be used extensively before calling for sharpening again. If you can pick on a forged knife then it’s better than stamped type.

What handle type would you prefer?

Generally, knives feature metal, plastic, wooden or composite handles. Even though wooden handles provide a good grip, they require elaborate cleaning. Moreover wood is likely to absorb microorganism thus not the best choice.

Metal or wood is, therefore, a better choice. That’s why Kamikoto features metal handles. Also before opting for a particular handle, give it a test in your hand. Experience how it feels in your hand, before investing your cash.

What about sharpness?

When using a sharp knife you don’t have to apply more pressure like in the case of a dull blade. Putting more pressure on the blade increases the chances of an accident occurring. To test for the sharpness of a blade, demonstrate it by slicing through a piece of paper. Otherwise, it’s important to buy also a whetstone, as you will need it to maintain the sharpness of the knife.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kamikoto Knives

Are all Kamikoto knives targeting right-handed users?

Unfortunately yes, for now. However, the company is working around the clock to solve the issue. Nevertheless, it’s not all lost for left-handed users. In fact, by practicing, you can eventually master how to use the blades, give it a try!

When a knife is stated as 7 inches, does this represent the full length or the blade alone?

Unless otherwise stated, the length featured in the description refers to the measurement of the cutting blade. For example, Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife means its cutting blade is 7 inches long.

Do Kamikoto knives have Japanese or Chinese origin?

These knives are forged from top-quality steel from Honshu, Japan. The forging is then done to reflect the Japanese style. The material used in their design makes them corrosion proof.


So as you have realized, the Kamikoto knives exist in a variety of lengths and shapes. However, they all employ premium Japanese steel, which doesn’t rust. In addition to their functionality, they also command a charming look. Your guest will be left in awe at the sight of the Kamikoto knives in your kitchen.

Are you still doubtful about Kamikoto knives? Click any of the above product links and read what users had to say. Whether it’s chopping, slicing, or boning, do it in style with the help of a Kamikoto knife. So do you have a dependable knife?

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